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Disadvantages of Breaking Out Openings With a Sledge Hammer:

  •  At the two front corners, where the curb meets the driveway, you have a cold joint. Over time, this is where concrete will typically crack and break. The result is sharp, rough concrete that is both hazardous and unsightly.


  •  The extreme front edge of the driveway is typically no more than 1-1/2 thick, leaving it susceptible to breakage and chipping.

     When driveways are poured, concrete often runs under the 2 x 4 that is commonly used to form the front edge. Again, the result is unsightly.

    The breakout process removes the corner of the gutter which allows water to run under the  driveway, instead of directing water flow along the curb.

    Impact from the sledge hammer creates stress cracks in the remaining curb.

  Builders often incur warrantee costs due to cracked and broken concrete.