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Founded in 2003, Georgia Curb Cut is the only company in the Southeastern United States that specializes in horizontal Curb-Sawing.  A majority of homebuilders that we meet in Atlanta are unfamiliar with the Curb–Sawing process.  Although new to Georgia, this concept is used extensively in other parts of the country, where  numerous municipalities have recognized the long term benefits and have  mandated that the curbs within their jurisdiction can no longer be broken out; they must be saw-cut. 

Georgia Curb Cut is affiliated with a group of Curb Sawing companies in other areas of the country, namely Texas, Oklahoma and New York. Together, we are the largest network of Curb Cutters in the country. We support each other in numerous ways, including problem solving, diamond blade technology, operator training, machinery enhancements and maintenance. Our equipment is designed and built in-house by individuals who have extensive experience “out in the streets”.  With this collective effort, our customers receive the benefit of state-of-the-art technology and expertise.

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